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(this number is for the month, not date. Added Halloween to the notes)
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|[[Necronomicon]] || Tampa|| FL||USA||||10 Oct||||
|[[Necronomicon]] || Tampa|| FL||USA||||10 Oct||||
|[[RinCon Games]] || Tucson||AZ||USA||||31 Oct||||
|[[RinCon Games]] || Tucson||AZ||USA||||10 Oct|| Halloween ||
|[[OryCon]] || Portland||OR||USA||||11 Nov||||
|[[OryCon]] || Portland||OR||USA||||11 Nov||||

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Conventions do not all happen every year or on the same weekend every year. This Convention Calendar attempts to capture a rough picture of which conventions happen when, and where, to promote the sharing of conrunning knowledge. At the moment the list is very limited: Please add your convention.

If you are looking for a more current ongoing list of conventions including Guests of Honor, Hotel Rates and Registration information, subscribe to the google Science Fiction Convention Calendar created by Kim Kofmel. Not all listings are complete (depending on what information was available on the web when the entry was made). Updates can be sent to houstonfandom@gmail.com.

For historical listings, the SFLovers Convention List by Saul Jaffe and Sharon Sbarsky has useful links but is not kept current any more.

Name City State Country Weekend numeral of the month (1,2,3,4) Month Special Weekend External Link
Arisia Boston MA USA 01 Jan MLKjr Weekend
Rustycon Seattle WA USA 01 Jan
ConFusion Detroit MI USA 3 01 Jan [1]
Chattacon Chattanooga TN USA 01 Jan
Anime Los Angeles Los Angeles CA USA 01 Jan
Capricon Chicago IL USA 02 Feb
Gallifrey One Los Angeles CA USA 02 Feb President's Day Weekend
Katsucon Washington DC USA 02 Feb President's Day Weekend [2]
Boskone Boston MA USA 02 Feb President's Day Weekend
MarsCon Bloomington MN USA 03 Mar
Lunacon NJ USA 03 Mar
Eastercon British National Science Fiction Convention (Location and Dates vary) UK 03 Mar Easter Weekend
Minicon Minneapolis MN USA 03 Mar Easter Weekend
Norwescon Seattle WA USA 03 Mar Easter Weekend
ConDor San Diego CA USA 03 Mar Easter Weekend
Penguicon Novi MI USA 04 Apr
LepreCon Carefree AZ USA 05 May
Mobicon Mobile AL USA 05 May
Motor City Comic Con Novi MI USA 05 May
Keycon Winnipeg MB USA 05 May
DemiCon Des Moines IA USA 1 05 May [3]
bacon Brooklyn Park MN USA 1 05 May [4]
Balticon Baltimore MD USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend [5]
BayCon San Jose CA USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend
ConQuest Kansas City MO USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend
Marcon Columbus OH USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend
MediaWestCon Lansing MI USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend
MisCon Missoula MT USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend
WisCon Madison WI USA 05 May Memorial Day Weekend [6]
Concomcon Seattle WA USA 06 Jun
Duckon Chicago IL USA 06 Jun
Australian National SF Convention (Location varies) Australia 06 Jun
ApolloCon Houston TX USA 06 Jun
Midwestcon Cincinatti OH USA 3 06 Jun [7]
ConVergence Minneapolis MN USA 07 Jul July 4th Weekend
Westercon (Location varies) USA 07 Jul July 4th Weekend
Construction CA USA 07 Jul
Readercon Burlington MA USA 07 Jul
Confluence Pittsburg PA USA 07 Jul
Toronto Trek Toronto ON USA 07 Jul
LibertyCon Chattanooga TN USA 07 Jul
ComicCon San Diego CA USA 07 Jul
ArmadilloCon Austin TX USA 08 Aug
Bubonicon Albuquerque NM USA 08 Aug
Conversion Calgary AB USA 08 Aug
CopperCon Tempe AZ USA 09 Sep Labor Day Weekend
DragonCon Atlanta GA USA 09 Sep Labor Day Weekend
WorldCon (Location and Dates vary) USA 09 Sep Labor Day Weekend
FenCon Dallas TX USA 09 Sep
Archon St. Louis MO USA 09 Sep
Albacon Albany NY USA 10 Oct
Arcana St. Paul MN USA 10 Oct [8]
ConClave Lansing MI USA 10 Oct
Conjecture San Diego CA USA 10 Oct
ConStellation Huntsville AL USA 10 Oct
Capclave MD USA 10 Oct
Ohio Valley Filk Fest Dublin OH USA 10 Oct [9]
ICON Cedar Rapids IA USA 1 10 Oct [10]
Necronomicon Tampa FL USA 10 Oct
RinCon Games Tucson AZ USA 10 Oct Halloween
OryCon Portland OR USA 11 Nov
World Fantasy Convention (Location and Dates vary) USA 11 Nov
Philcon Philadelphia PA USA 11 Nov
Astronomicon Rochester NY USA 11 Nov
Novacon Birmingham UK USA 11 Nov
WindyCon Chicago IL USA 11 Nov
Loscon Los Angeles CA USA 11 Nov Thanksgiving Day Weekend
ChamBanaCon Springfield IL USA 11 Nov Thanksgiving Day Weekend
Darkover Baltimore MD USA 11 Nov Thanksgiving Day Weekend
Smofcon (Location and Dates vary) USA 12 Dec
Finncon (Location and Dates vary) Finland 2008 - Tampere July 26-27 [11]
Åcon (Mariehamn, Åland; Dates vary) between Finland and Sweden in the Åland Islands 2008 - May