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Leane Verhulst has chaired Capricon, a large-ish regional convention in the Chicago area. She has held a number of positions in Capricon, as well as for the board that runs Capricon, Phandemonium. She has also helped at the occasional other regional convention. She has also been a Division Head at Chicon 7.

Executive positions:

  • Chair: Capricon '08
  • Secretary: Phandemonium '05-'10
  • Treasurer: Phandemonium '13

Division Head positions:

  • Member Services: Chicon 7

Concom positions:

  • Newsletter: Capricon '13
  • Registration: Capricon
  • TimeLord: Capricon '04, '06, '07, '09, '13

Staff positions:

  • Publications: Capricon
  • Registration: Fencon

Gopher positions:

  • Convention Center: LoneStarCon 3