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This is a partial list of the lists (and other documents) that the Hotel Liaison uses. Not all of these are needed for all conventions, and some of these might be part of the Resume

What What
Power and Internet What do people need, where, and when
Revised Room Block How many rooms are in which block, and on which floor
Rooms and Blocks Update Room List to indicate which block each room is in.
Room Block Narrative A narrative description of the room blocks (areas, columns/stacks of rooms).for Front Desk Staff
VIPs and Master Bill Who is on the Master Bill, and what parts of it do we pay (Everything, just room and tax (turn off incidentals)) And who are the VIPs (not necessarily on the Master Bill)
Ice Deliveries Who gets ice deliveries (usually parties) and when
Furniture Removal List of furniture to remove from rooms (need to find out what the hotel will remove first, usually a fee)
F&B (BEOs) - Initial Best guess of what we want for food from the hotel, and when (spreadsheet with descriptons, quantities, prices, services fees, taxes)
F&B - Final Final nose count (or kill event(s))
Staff Late Checkout Who gets the 6pm late checkout
Meeting Specs (Resume) How should the rooms be setup, and when do they change (includes water)
Easels Who needs them and where (possibly mixed in with Resume).
Event Schedule for Hotel Signs Convention schedules for hotel to print for room signs or TV monitors
Tie-Down Meeting People Who will be at the tie-down meeting.
Waiting List and changes Periodically a list of room and reservation changes should be given to the hotel
Access Rooms Assign people to Access rooms
Connecting Rooms Who wants a pair of connecting King/Double rooms.
Crib/Cots/Fridges Prioritized list of requests (frequently get twice as many requests for fridges as available)
Keys How do you want the function room keys grouped, and how many.
Feedback Meeting Schedule Let Hotel rep know when they should be at the at-con Feedback meetings

Internal Lists/Pages:
F&B Prices Catering Menu (must grab date stamped copy of menu 90-days out to lock in prices)
Pickup Rates How many rooms have been reserved for which night and which block?
Rooming List Who has a reservation?
Waiting List Who wants a room?
Special Requests Who wants a special room or a special feature (cot, low floor, ...)
Party Hosts Who wants to host a party, room assignments, ... ? (Newsletter and Security should get copies)
Kids block Who would like to have a room near other families with kids (usually near Baby sitting)?
Guest Room Floorplan Layout of guest rooms, showing room types and connecting rooms.

Parking Hotel and local parking information
Directions How to get to the hotel (includes by public transit, plane, train, bus, car, and truck)
Letter to Guests Useful information for hotel room guests (WiFi, food, pool hours, ...)

Other Deadlines
Room Block Expiration Date When does the Room Block expire?