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Questions about the site in general should be addressed to User talk:ConRunnerAdmin or can be emailed to

Specific questions about individual topics should be asked on the Talk page of those articles, or at the Community Portal page., .com and .org are established for the purpose of providing a collaborative place to deposit the collective wisdom of Convention Committees from all aspects of Fandom. Old folks pass on, new folks come on the scene, and we as a community need a good reference for the things that worked, things that failed, and things that could have been good but for some sad misfortune.

Many others have tried this in the past, and the results have been mixed, from the wildly successful to the sadly forgotten. I am hopeful that the technology of the wiki, as implemented by MediaWiki, will provide the correct mix of robustness and flexibility to get the job done right.

There will be times when the contributors are in violent agreement, or in total opposition. I am hopeful that we will work through all those times, bearing in mind the real problems a Convention Runner will be having, to find and describe the underlying principals that should guide the decision making to implement a given function, practice, event, or policy.

Remember this: The whole point of the exercise is to have more and better conventions for ourselves and those who follow us. We come in Peace for All Mankind (and all you other beings too).

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