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A Smoking Consuite would be a hospitality room dedicated for the use of smokers. This neatly deconflicts the needs of smokers and non-smokers to be in comfortable environments.

However, in many municipalities this is complicated by legal bans on indoor smoking. Also many hotels have bans and limits on smoking independent of the local laws. A third complication is that in venues where smoking indoors is allowed, it may be on a different floor or wing of the building than where it is not, so the Smoking Consuite and the Smoke Free Consuite may not be in close proximity, making set-up and provisioning difficult.

An expedient solution to all these problems is often to place the Smoke Free (or only) Consuite near a sufficiently large balcony, patio, or covered exterior area that does allow for smoking. The smokers can then come and go in relative ease to the outdoor area. However, severe weather conditions (cold, heat, rain, wind, etc.) may make this unworkable.