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Templates are used within articles to provide a consistent look to the messages placed into them. Changes to the look, wording, or style of the message can be implemented quickly, because templates are rendered for the reader when the article loads.

Templates often look like text boxes with a different background colour than that of normal text. They are in the Conrunner Template namespace, ie. pages with "Template:" in front of the name. For example, consider the template Template:Spoiler (follow the link to see the page where it can be edited). To insert the template's content into an article, type {{Spoiler}} in the wiki page ( {{Spoiler}} is called a template tag ). Every article with that tag in it will display the following line:

This technique is commonly known as Wikipedia:transclusion.

Spaces in the name are allowed, e.g. {{train topics}}. The first character (only) is not case-sensitive, so {{cleanup}} and {{Cleanup}} both work.

Templates can also accept parameters which are then inserted into the output of the template.

Templates in the article namespace provide information to help readers. These can include navigation aids, or warnings that content is sub-standard. Templates that provide information only of service to editors belong on an article's talk page.

Historically, an "msg:" prefix had to be added in front of the template name when used on a page. For example, {{msg:stub}} was typed instead of {{stub}}. In addition, the MediaWiki namespace was used also for templates until the creation of the template namespace.

Instructions: When you add new template messages to this page, please help keep the tables in alphabetical order.

Main page and alternatives

  • For templates used on one of the Wikipedia's Main Pages.

Article-related namespace

Please list navigational templates (as, for example, between pages relating to a specific topic) at Wikipedia:Navigational templates or at the appropriate WikiProject page. See also Wikipedia:Article series.



  • Current events
  • Disambiguation / Other uses
  • Expansion requests
  • Footnotes / References
  • Instructions
  • Lorem ipsum
  • Miscellaneous info
  • Solution and spoiler warnings
  • Special character warnings
  • Technical limitations
  • Tools

Article sources

  • Citation templates for generic and specific sources
  • GFDL sources
  • Public domain sources
  • Requesting sources and verification
  • U.S. government sources


  • To databases (IMDb, Gutenberg, etc.)
  • To main articles
  • To maps
  • To notes about German names
  • To sister projects

Sister Projects

  • All templates relating to Wikimedia sister projects

This link will take you back to Wikipedia. These templates are not fully implemented on ConRunner.

For deletion

  • Categories (CFD)
  • Images and media (IFD)
  • Redirects (RFD)
  • Speedy deletion
  • Templates (TFD)
  • Votes (VFD)

Issues & Disputes

Article needs:

  • Attention / Cleanup
  • Copyediting / Grammar check
  • Images, ISBNs, IPA conversion
  • Merging / Splitting
  • Translation

Disputes and warnings:

  • Accuracy / Neutrality
  • Original research
  • Contradictory
  • Controversial
  • Geographically limited
  • Lacks direction
  • Language
  • Two versions
  • Unencyclopedic


  • Article in use (major edits)
  • Category needs attention/expansion/
  • Copyright violations
  • Move to sister projects
  • Needs categorization
  • Needs translation
  • Protected from editing/vandalism


  • Wikify
  • Translate
  • Clarity; technical
  • Complete rewrite
  • Verify facts
  • Context; tone
  • Copyediting
  • Copyright violation
  • Move; merge
  • Self-contradictory
  • Disputed
  • General cleanup

(Some but not all of these are also on other lists.)

Compact TOC

  • Tables of contents: 0-9/A-Z
  • Category TOCs


  • Dynamic lists
  • Incomplete lists
  • Subject or topic lists


  • Table attributes for specific infoboxes
  • Conservation status of species for taxoboxes

See also: Wikipedia:Infobox templates and Wikipedia:WikiProject Tree of Life/Taxobox_Usage

Redirect pages

  • To be inserted at the bottom of redirect page, but does not prevent the redirect from working.

    Note: This feature is broken in MediaWiki 1.4. See the Bugzilla:927 bug report.

Talk namespace

  • Featured articles (and candidates)
  • Free images
  • Korea-related
  • Link to translation
  • Peer review
  • ToDo lists
  • WikiProject notices
  • WikiProject inactive notice
  • Comment

Image name space

  • Copyright status unknown or unverified
  • Creative commons licensed image
  • Fair use claimed
  • Free image
  • GNU/GFDL image
  • Images and media for deletion
  • Image categorization
  • Non-free (copyrighted) image
  • Public domain image
  • Semi-free image

See also: Wikipedia:Image copyright tags

Media namespace

  • Sound sample (Ogg, fair use claimed)

Note: Please use navigational templates for linking topic-related articles together.

Non article-related namespace

Project namespace

  • Policies and non-policies
  • Village Talk
  • WikiProjects
  • WP:Sandbox
  • WP:FAQ
  • WP:BJAODN (Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense)

Category namespace

  • Births in Years
  • Books in Years
  • Deaths in Years
  • More information
  • "Subjective Category Disclaimer" {{SCD}} - See: Wikipedia:Categorization of people (note: the template is not a "category", but for use on category pages)

</td> <td width="25%">

User namespace

  • Contribution Licensing
  • Disclaimer
  • Languages
  • New Page Links
  • Open Tasks
  • Picture of the Day
  • Shared IP
  • Wikimedia Licensing

User talk namespace

  • Experimenting & Vandalism Notices
  • Shared IP Notices
  • Spamming Notices
  • Three Revert Rule
  • User Talk Requests
  • Welcome Messages

All templates

Template sandbox

If you wish to experiment with templates (and not have your experiments deleted before you are done with them), you may do so in the Template sandbox. You may also use the templates X1, X2, and X3 for experimental purposes.

Related pages for specific types of templates

Wikipedia has an extensive set of templates for all occaisions. ConRunner uses a small subset of these, customized for use here. These links may be useful if something in the broader set over there become useful.

  • Wikipedia:Navigational templates are designed to provide links to several related articles.
  • Wikipedia:Infobox templates are designed to present summary information about an article's subject, such that similar subjects have a uniform look and in a common format. Conrunner may adopt this idea in time.
  • Wikipedia:Country referencing templates are designed to provide a tiny thumbnail of a country's flag next to its hyperlinked name, meant to visually improve lists of nations.
  • Wikipedia:Wikipedia Stub sorting/Stub types is the full listing of stub types. There are dozens of stub templates and associated categories. The creation and organization of stub types is being addressed by the Wikipedia Stub sorting. The guidelines for template creation are found at Wikipedia:Stub.
    • The high level topical subdivisions of stub templates are General, Culture, Commerce, Government and politics, Leisure, Sports, Religion and belief, Geography, History, People, Science, Technology, Transportation, Military and weaponry, and Miscellaneous.
  • Wikipedia:Image copyright tags are copyright and licensing messages and other related tags for image description pages (the image namespace).

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