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East Coast art shows have switched from incandescent to CFL lighting, to save money on high capacity power drops (a typical Art Show running with CFLs can operate from a single 15A circuit such as is often present in hotel function rooms to power the Convention Services staff's vacuum cleaners).

Specifically, East Coast crews have standardized on a 19W 2700K 950 lumens R40 CFL reflector made by Technical Consumer Products, Inc. with the part number 1R4019 (lack of any suffixes to this is how you tell it's 2700K and so on). The manufacturer claims a CRI of 82 which isn't great, but about as good as you can do in a CFL without going to a 5500K color temperature.

In the past Home Depot sold these bulbs under the fictional "Commercial Electric" brand with the part number EDXR-40-19. Currently they sell the same bulbs as the EcoSmart ES5R4192 (SKU 239073, $13.47 for a 2-pack). The bulbs are also available with TCP branding for $10.05 each from