Badge Ribbons

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A badge ribbon is a colorful streamer, usually attached to the member's badge. The big debate is vertical or horizontal format. Vertical format allows larger graphics which makes it easier to discern official ribbons (important if an official ribbon is used for access). Horizontal is easier to stack if you expect a lot of ribbons, and allows longer words without breaks. Whichever you do, there will be unofficial ribbons in the other direction.

Ribbons can build cohesiveness among the convention staff (if you keep the count of different ribbons low), or among subsets of the staff (if you keep it high), but probably not both.

If ordering from Hodges bear in mind that they shut down for a week between Christmas and New Years, and then spend the following week catching up, so they will not schedule deliveries between (typically) December 21 and January 11.

Ribbons can also be implemented in chatrooms like Discord using downloadable images.