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A Flyer is a publication that is designed to be handed out in large numbers in order to promote a convention or other event.

Typically a flyer is a single sheet of paper, printed on either one or both sides. The appearance and content should reflect the theme and content of the event that is being promoted. Most flyers incorporate artwork and colored paper to help them attract the eye.

On a convention flyer you want to prominently feature these items, if you know them:

  • Convention Name
  • Convention Dates
  • Location (not just the name of the hotel! At least the city and state)
  • Theme/Focus/Description of event
  • Featured Guests
  • Contact email address
  • Web Site Address

Then, according to space, also include some of the following:

  • Hotel name, rate and reservation phone number
  • Registration rates and deadlines, as applicable
  • Indication of who is running the event. A logo can suffice if you have one. Or you can include it in the event description.
  • Mention of special events or program content
  • A Registration Form - Usually on the back, best positioned so that they can remove it and still have the convention name and the web and email addresses. Don't forget to include the address to mail it to and an indication of who checks should be made payable to.
  • A call for Volunteers.
  • Information on how to sign up for the Art Show, Dealers room, Programming, Masquerade, Writer's Workshop, Room Parties or any other space, contest or event that requires pre-registration. Often the registration form itself includes check boxes for requesting more information about these things, as well as volunteering.
  • Mention of any special functions or services, such as Childcare