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Some notes on parking

Parking at the site

  • See if you can arrange discounted parking for attendees as part of your contract.
  • Get hours and rates. Number of parking spaces.
  • Are there separate rates for self parking and valet parking.
  • Find out the rules for "In-and-Out" parking, if it is offered.
    • It might only exist for valet parking, or it might only exist if the garage is not sold out.

Nearby Parking

  • If you have time drive around to find what parking is available nearby
    • Take photos of signs to capture their rates
  • An app (site) like or can show nearby parking (if they have info for your city.

Parking meters

  • What are prices? Hours?
  • Is there an app?

Create a Map

  • Using Google Maps, you can create a map with the location of nearby parking and other features.
  • The resulting map can be embedded in a web site.

Month before event make sure rates haven't changed.