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Registration Rates vary from convention to convention, based on how large and how elaborate the convention is, as well as other goals of the concom. Some conventions serve as fundraisers for causes or for parent organizations.

Setting Registration Rates and Deadlines

The setting of Registration rates and deadlines is often the subject of much debate. Some conventions receive most of their registrations At-the-door and prefer to keep that price low to encourage a larger attendance. Other conventions purposefully set their At-the-door price high to encourage Pre-Registration. Having more members pre-register helps a convention to better plan its budget since attendance (and thus total budget size) may be more predictable that way.

Some conventions comp registration for program participants, or offer some sort of discount. Likewise for concom members. Some conventions offer volunteers the opportunity to earn a membership re-imbursement or to roll that over into a free membership for the following year. All of these things must be considered when setting the budget and thus the rates.

Deadlines should be set so that the final pre-registration rate expires at least a month before the convention dates. If there is another price change before that, it is usually at least three months before the final pre-registration deadline. Publications that remind people of the deadlines should be sent out at least a month before the deadlines in question.

Common Registration Rate Structures

Adult Memberships

Childrens Memberships

Children ages 12 and under are usually given a reduced membership rate at conventions that wish to encourage child attendance. A children's membership may also be necessary to use child care facilities.

Children ages 4 and under can often attend in the 'child in tow category, which is free so long as a parent or other adult is with the child at all times.