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A list of places to eat (pretty obvious really!). This may be part of the Pocket Program or released as a separate publication (and possibly on the web site)

There have been many good restaurant guides produced over the years, and here is some of the information that they have included:

  • Name of restaurant
  • Cuisine type (pizza, Indian, French etc.)
  • Address
  • Zip/postal code, especially useful if people will be using SatNav or MapQuest/Multimap etc.
  • phone number for booking or to order delivery
  • website (for menus, online booking etc.)
  • price guide (either a typical meal price range, or sometimes encoded, e.g. "$"=cheap to "$$$$$"=very expensive)
  • any other factual notes (e.g. dress code, closed on Labor Day, booking required on Saturday evenings, Karaoke Elvis during all-you-can-eat Sunday Cheeseburger Buffet, etc.)
  • if possible, a quick review ("great pizza, avoid the garlic bread, service very slow on Saturdays")

Unless it is a really short list, it is suggested that restaurants should be listed grouped by cuisine/culture (e.g. Japanese, Italian etc.)

It is also possible to group restaurants into "delivery/takeaway" and "eat in".

And it is possible to divide restaurants by distance/time (e.g. short walking distance, long walk, taxi/car/bus distance).

To reduce duplication of data, each sub-divided group can just list the restaurants that come under that heading (e.g. a list of Japanese restaurants) and then there can be an alphabetical restaurant list with the contact details, pricing etc.

Cross reference with local area map (e.g. put in reference numbers on the map and match them up on the restaurant list).

Also to be considered are special needs dining, such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Kosher, etc. The people that need this sort of guide usually need it quite keenly, so providing even a few sources will be greatly appreciated.

And a more recent consideration is Smoking/Non-smoking, indoor/outdoor. Some cities have no restrictions on smoking, while others ban it entirely, and many are somewhere in between. Members may be traveling from one situation and find themselves lost in the other.