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Rules are the direction the convention gives on how some topic of interest shall or shall not be conducted.

Defining rules for the convention should not be overdone, but it is especially helpful when dealing with complex, or potientially contentious subjects. By defining expectations and behaviors in advance, the convention narrows the scope of problem areas it is likely to encounter. On the other hand, by defining a large number of rules, or by making them complex and difficult to adhere to, the convention runs the risk of alienating the membership from participation.

Typical rule making is directed towards health and safety concerns, or towards legal or contractual compliance issues, or lastly, for the convienience of the convention. For example, No edged weapons displayed in public areas, No open food or beverages to be carried in the Art Show, All Parents must accompany children 6 years old or younger, All persons requesting alcoholic beverages must be over 21 years old, All dealers must vacate the Dealer's Room by 8pm on the last day of the convention, etc.

Good rule making is clear and direct. Try not to leave any ambiguity as to what is being ruled upon, or why. For ambiguous areas, leave guidelines in the form of Policy.