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Adding con "types"

Great idea Anne!

I could see this expanding nicely. Each con can have its own page for telling its story, but this page brings them together. One thing though, should the kind of con it is be in the listing? I like the idea, but I could see it getting sticky pretty fast. Is it "Literary" or "Media" or "just those damn Filkers" or what? Lables can be a blessing or an insult, depending on who is applying them.

If we get really lucky and the list gets long, it can be rearranged into a table. --Bill Taylor 16:04, 21 Oct 2005 (PDT)


I added some cons. Then I rearranged the names alphabetically. Then I realized that might not be right. Perhaps the order should be roughly by weekend in each month? It won't read quite so nicely, but it would give a better hint as to when the con is, in relation to others. Ideas? Notions? Random thoughts?? --Bill Taylor 16:19, 21 Oct 2005 (PDT)

They were by weekend originally-please revert

If you reordered them alphabetically, you should revert that change, because they were formerly alphabetically ordered within each weekend (At least I had tried for that. ) and the chronological ordering is more important. I thought about putting horizontal lines between weekends. I guess I should have. I put an extra line between weekends that you should have seen when you were editing, but it didn't show in the displayed page. The thing is, some cons, like Conclave, wander around a lot within their month. But that's all right.

Regarding putting indicators of focus, that's fine. Outside of a couple of relaxacons, almost all the ones I put in to seed the list are long-running science fiction conventions, some with a slight media bent. others, like comic-cons and the filk festival, are recognizable by their names. But if you look at Saul and Sharon's list, you'll find themes like Filk, Furry, Gaming, Comics, Costuming, and Feminist Sf called out in the listing.