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Netmouse in the context of this wiki is Anne KG Murphy. Anne has been smoffing since approximately 1995. She has run Information Desk and the Publications Department for Minicon, been Programming Wrangler and ConChair (2004, 2005) for ConFusion, served as Guest Liaison for Penguicon, and worked on proofreading and producing publications and websites for countless clubs and conventions, including Worldcon. She has also staffed Program Ops, Registration, Hospitality and ConSuite, hosted Room Parties and participated in Programming at various conventions. She is or has been on the Board of Directors of AASFA, Midfan, and SFOHA. For Midfan she also edited MidFanzine for two years. Her primary mentor in all this has been Geri Sullivan.

Anne is the regular proofreader and a sometime short fiction reviewer for the Hugo Award-winning 'zine, Emerald City. In Real Life she is a Human Factors Engineer and Computer Interface Designer. She can also sing and dance... You can find out more about Anne Murphy at her website,, or at her LiveJournal.