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I'm confused at how "information" fits under Operations. But what does information mean? I think of newsletter, and freebie table, and publications as being information functions, which clearly don't fit under operations. On the other hand the convention office (bridge), which is a primary operations function, is often an information source as well. Anyway, I think it probably needs to be clarified somehow, and I don't know what's meant so I can't just do it.

dd-b 20:06, 10 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Information: information desk

I have clarified in the article that information means information desk. When I ran the information desk for Minicon, I did so under Operations. I'm not sure how this is organized for worldcons. Even when there is no separate information desk, Operations is often the go-to place for questions, so people in Ops need to be prepared to answer them. Having documentation in Ops to support this function is a bonus.

Operations: Internal Communications

I would also suggest an Ops function for coordinating internal con communications (not the public facing side that happens in Newsletters, and advertising) This facilitates collecting the info needed. Which at Arisia happens primarily in two modes:


- Email lists. (While this can be a good form of communication, I would suggest that all e-mail discussion lists, be archived in some web accessible format for members of your con committee who either join later, or who have to replace someone who had to bow out for some reason.)
- Web Discussion Forums
- Meetings (Have someone take & send out notes): Assume the worst and all electronic communication is failing or at least not working they way you had planned.

At-Con: (You will need multiple forms of contact, but decide ahead of time on one as the primary. This will help keep your Ops staff as sane as possible.)

- Hotel Room Phone Lists (often referred to as land-lines) 
- Radio's (Assume there is a large turnover in volunteers and have a set of radio usage guidelines)
  - FRS/GMRS (You'll need to note hotel dead spots for loss of signal, and range for Logistics)
  - Hotel based system (Primarily for hotel liaison's... Clean-up isle three...) :-)
- Cell phone (Will also have dead spot issues in various hotels)
- A Pre-Printed Copy of Everything, (Sometimes called the Ops Bible): Assume the worst and all electronics are failing or at least not working they way you had planned.


What kind of contests are appropriate at a Convention, and what if anything should be listed here? I have a few listed as suggestions, but of course there could be more or different ones. Some things can be just plain silly, or fun, like a scavenger hunt or Best Hall Costume. But others can be somewhat serious, like a writing contest that might lead to some kind of publication. Ideas? --Bill Taylor 20:13, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

I am not even sure this is valid information and to list it as a department, just doesn't make sense especially if there is not even information on the main department itself. Of all the cons I have been to and assisted with there has never been a section for just contests. Conventions do have contests in them but this would fall under the appropriate department, whether it was art, literature, masquerade anime or whatever, but if you really believe it deserves a department all its own than I won't change it again. I just found it more information than really necessary and something someone starting a con really shouldn't even think about. Conventions have little to do with contests, they are a way for folks to meet each other that have a similar interests. --Tricuspa 06:06, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

OK, I can see where it might not be a department. But how to pass the suggestion along without losing it? --Bill Taylor 14:24, 27 July 2008 (UTC)
I would think it would probably have something to do to get publicity or promotions, just like many conventions usually have sneak previews of movies and such, the question is what to put contests under, I would almost suggest under each appropriate section you might move the contests, additionally it gives those places an idea of how to run a particular art or literature or whatever contest. --Tricuspa 23:54, 29 July 2008 (UTC)