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As distinct from logistics, this is the designated group of people to assemble and operate certain equipment. For example a complex AV rig with projectors, sound, mic, and mixer board, will need specialists to operate it, separate from those who move and store it.

At conventions of a certain size, storage of tech gear and organizing of the crew becomes significant enough that it no longer fits in Operations or the guest room of the Tech Director and requires its own convention-provided space.

Note that in some venues, the equipment (and sometimes, the people to run it) are required to be rented from the venue; this is more common in US hotels than in US convention centers, and may be completely different outside the US.


There is an email list of people who frequently manage or staff the tech function at various cons. One can subscribe by going to There is a bit of useful information on this subject collected on the same server at, and a wiki. Note, techno-fandom is often mistaken for an organization or an institution but it is really just a set of people on an email list and a collection of partially overlapping circles of friends and acquaintances, some of whom like working tech at cons.