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My name is Mike Willmoth. I have been a science fiction / fantasy fan since early childhood. I started running conventions with the 1987 NASFiC (CactusCon) in Phoenix, AZ. I've been involved with cons ever since. I've attended every Worldcon since 1988 (NoLaCon II). I've attended almost every Westercon since 1988 (missing Vancouver in 1991 due to the solar eclipse & Comic Con in San Diego as well as El Paso in 1996 due to Comic Con again). I've worked every Comic Con in San Diego since 1988. I've worked every LepreCon since 14 (1988). I've worked every CopperCon since 8 (1988). I've worked many HexaCons since it formed in 1991. I've worked the first two AniZonas (2005/6) as contract negotiator with the hotel. I've attended most all World Horror Cons since it formed in 1991, worked two as Treasurer (Phoenix in 1994/98) and one as Chair (2004). I've attended several World Fantasy Cons (1991, 2001-2005) and ran one as Chair (2004). I'm now on the boards of the World Horror and World Fantasy Societies. I'm currently the Chairman of the Board of Leprecon Inc., sponsor of the annual LepreCons as well as WHC2004, WFC2004, Nebulas 2006 and the bid for Westercon 2008. I'm the bid chair of Phoenix in 2008 Westercon Bid. I worked Program Operations for Worldcon 1998 (BucConeer), Science Program Liaison for Worldcon 2002 (ConJose) and 2003 (TorCon 3), science consultant for awhile for Worldcon 2004 (Noreascon 4), and am currently the Science Program Liaison for Westercon 2006 (ConZilla) and Worldcon 2006 (LACon 4). I am also the second in command for Space Access Conference run by Henry Vanderbilt, Executive Director of the Space Access Society. I have run Programming, Hotel Liaison, Treasury, Chair, etc. for many of these cons as well as staff level positions. I've probably forgotten to mention something somewhere, but that's it in a nutshell.