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The Party Maven coordinates arrangements for parties being conducted at the convention. The primary job is to ensure that parties, particularly room parties, are grouped together to be sure the noise does not inconvenience other hotel guests. Simultaneously, the grouping enhances enjoyment by the members, since it minimizes travel distance between parties, and takes stress and waiting time off the hotel elevators.

You may wish to photograph or videotape the condition of the party host rooms before and after the convention to substantiate or refute damage claims.

If your hotel will remove furniture from guest rooms for a reasonable fee, encourage your party hosts to use this service as it will save wear and tear on the furniture.

Consider coordinating a large ice delivery, either through the hotel or a third-party vendor, to reduce the drain on the customer ice machines.

Some conventions sublet function or guest room space for parties if there is space they are using during the day but not in the evening; this usually also falls in the domain of the Party Maven.

It's a nice touch to provide a list of party titles, times and locations to the Newsletter staff ahead of time. This is especially useful on the first evening of the convention as party hosts may not make it to the convention to post their announcements before press time for that evening's issue.

The Party Maven may also be responsible for providing supplies to parties, providing hotel information to hosts, assisting with special arrangements with the hotel, deconflicting incompatible parties and party locations, publicizing parties to the members, coordinating with convention Security and Hotel Liaison, and generally helping make the parties go well.